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What is Storefront for Dynamics?

Storefront for Dynamics ties together the Microsoft Dynamics retail solution with Episerver’s e-commerce platform in real time, allowing you to create a consistent customer experience across all channels. A true end-to-end retail solution where data and business logic is available in all channels, at all times. Giving you more time to focus on what you know best — your customers.

Storefront for Dynamics explained in one minute

Prepare your company for the present and the future! With components built to fit together, using the same business logic, you will free up time and money to spend on customer experience. Future-proof your business with a unified commerce solution that is easily adaptable to customer demands.    

Our Avensia Storefront product offer is available for three different Microsoft Dynamics systems widely used by retail industry leaders worldwide – Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Their Unified Commerce solution
increased sales by 60%

Eason and Son's new site runs on an integrated platform solution enabling them to blend product information and promotional content throughout the site and in related campaigns, enhancing every customer's experience. During Black Friday 2017, following the release of their Unified Commerce solution, the sales increased by 60 percent and the online growth increased by 68 percent.

Retail system spaghetti is history!

Discover how Avensia Storefront empowers retailers by solving several common business challenges with one single solution, freeing up time and money to focus on your customers. Double administration and system nightmares belongs to history, real-time communication and synchronized updates are key elements of the future of commerce.

Unified Commerce Alliance (UCA), a coalition between Microsoft, Episerver, Avensia Storefront, and inRiver, have developed an integrated digital retail approach that provides unified commerce across all channels. UCA helps retailers eliminate system spaghetti and allows them to stay ahead of customer trends in the omnichannel environment, enabling physical stores to offer the same shopping experience as online.

Product news: Connector for InRiver PMC available with the new version of Storefront 365

The new version contains, among other things, an out of the box connector for inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (PMC). This allows Storefront users to easily integrate a state of the art Product Information Management (PIM) system into the workflow of Dynamics 365 and Episerver integration. 

Detailed release notes are available in the Downloads section.

Product news: Seamless unified return process with Storefront 365 R9.0

This version of Storefront 365 allows end-customers to initiate a return order directly from their order history into the D365 return process. This moves administration from staff to end customer, cutting errors caused by manual work and speeding up the process. The customer can also monitor the status of her return orders under the Return Order History view in My Pages. Both online and return orders created in any other channel is visible in the returns history.