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EASON - mixing product information with personalized promotions to create an exceptional omnichannel experience for book lovers - using Storefront AX

The goal of the Eason project was to create an exceptional omnichannel experience, that meets and exceeds customer expectations with great service – online as well as in-store. The new site runs on an integrated platform solution which has enablesd Eason to blend product information and promotional content throughout the site and in related campaigns, enhancing every customer's experience.

Avensia Storefront for Dynamics AX provided the seamless integration needed for accelerators and direct integration to Microsoft CRT to manage the synchronization of carts, orders and customer profiles. This ensured that the product database of 600 000K products was available, not to mention the rollout introduction of Click & Collect in 60+ stores across Ireland.

Relevant data – a key factor for a personal shopping experience

Eason required a platform that would support seamless integration to their back-office systems (Dynamics AX), to be able to manage customer data, order data and product data in one system, and use this data to develop personalization and automated product promotion strategies, driving relevance and overall customer experience.

The ability to craft tailor-made experiences is further enabled by Episerver’s approach to individualized content and experience-driven commerce. Episerver products such as Perform allow for data-driven, automated product recommendations; while Episerver Campaign and Reach empower Eason’s marketing communications through transactional emails, with tailored content for each user.