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The download section contains all resources for Storefront for Dynamics that a partner may download and use.
Here you can download the resources for your version of Storefront for Dynamics.

User Stories for Storefront 365 Starter Site

Storefront 365 Starter Site is a fully functioning e-commerce web site. It implements an online retail channel defined in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in Episerver Digital Platform. The starter site contains all e-commerce features that are common in all web shops. Use the user stories supplied here as a download to get a detailed definition of what the starter site do.

The user stories are important as requirements of the web shop and can be used as a foundation of a fit and gap analyse of a client solution. With the user stories available for the starter site are already all common e-commerce features defined. Just add the gaps in the client requirements.

Download the Storefront 365 Starter Site user stories.

Storefront 365 Starter Site

Storefront 365 Starter Site is available as a Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Solution in a compressed zip file. The starter site contains all resources needed to build and run a Storefront 365 starter site. The package includes Episerver Digital Platform and the Storefront Integration Framework as NuGet Packages. The source code also includes payment connectors, InRiver connectors, and retail extensions.

An Online Retail Channel created in Dynamics 365 for Operations, Dynamics AX or Microsoft NAV, that has been distributed to the channel database is all that is needed to get Storefront 365 Starter Site up and running.

Storefront Integration Framework (a.k.a Connector)

Storefront Integration Framework can be downloaded from Episervers nuget feed