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Green Cross Health Live with Avensia Storefront

Sep 20

Green Cross Health needed an omnichannel solution for seamless integration between their 350 stores and the e-commerce site. Avensia Storefront teamed up with their New Zealand partner Intergen to facilitate Green Cross Health with a state of the art unified commerce solution.

Green Cross Health is a provider of primary health care services in New Zealand. As well as providing support to 350 Life and Unichem Pharmacies throughout New Zealand, Green Cross Health also has a Medical Division and a Community Health Service Division. The Medical Division provides complete family healthcare services through GP as well as accident and medical centers, with most operating under The Doctors brand. The Green Cross Health Community Health Division provides home health care to around 21,000 people through Access Community Health.

For Green Cross Health to stay number one on the market, it was necessary to review their omnichannel strategy and technology stack. After reviewing different solutions and e-commerce platforms, Avensia Storefront with Episerver came out on top. With the unified engine from Avensia and Episervers digital marketing platform, Green Cross Health are now utilizing their products in all sales channels through one single platform.

Information like translations, relations, variants, retail kits and assignments made to groups and agreements is thus made searchable and instantly available for their e-commerce solution.

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver allows Avensia Storefront to provide Green Cross Health’s e-commerce site with a unified engine for search, merchandizing, navigation, and customized recommendations for products, promotions, and content.

This project shows the benefits of using our out-of-the-box integration and the starter site. It saves time and money in the project, making it easier to focus on building value for the customers. Green Cross Health are now one of the first pharmacy’s in the world to offer their customers a true omni channel experience” - Says Jörgen Bertilsson - Executive VP Global Business Development