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KICKS live with Avensia Storefront

Nov 29

KICKS are now launching a new e-commerce site for all their markets built on Avensia Storefront. The new site performs much better than the previous and has a more user-friendly design. KICKS e-commerce is also delivered with a new user experience focused on mobile shopping behavior. It supports a modern omni-solution which means the customer can take part of the whole assortment regardless of channel. Avensia has been responsible for delivering the technical implementation of the project.

KICKS was an early adopter of digital commerce and have since a while back an omnichannel solution with iPads in store. This enables the customer to reach the whole assortment, with more than 25 000 products from 300 brands when shopping in store. With the new launch, KICKS wishes to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

Our vision is to have a seamless customer journey. It does not matter if it starts or ends in mobile or a physical shop. Everything we do origins from this vision – the new graphical identity, the communication concept, new flagship stores and now the new e-commerce. With the new site we can provide the same inspiration, offer and assortment regardless of channel”, says Gina Azaric, Nordic Marketing Director at KICKS.


Ready to face the technology of the future

With Avensia Storefront, KICKS has received an omnichannel solution where both physical stores and e-commerce share the same business logic. This includes everything from campaigns and price to stock status and is shared in real time between the channels. All in a scalable and secure manner. The technical solution will be the foundation of one of the world’s foremost omnichannel solutions.

Many within the retail industry has for a long time been speaking about an omnichannel solution that enables the same message in all channels. But few have succeeded. The challenge is often a combination of having many systems working together, sharing the same business logic in several channels, and to adapt the organization to the new ways of working. Together with KICKS we have developed a unique omnichannel solution that is prepared for the future.” says Patrik Sundquist, Business Manager at Avensia