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Premier Designs live with Avensia Storefront

Sep 7

The multilevel marketing company Premier Designs levels up their offer by implementing a new unified commerce solution with Avensia Storefront. Using the new solution will facilitate how Premium Designs entrepreneurs conduct their business. Whether it is about placing orders or setting up new streamlines for their own value chains Avensia Storefront will help the information flow between channels.

Since 1985 Premier Designs have supplied women all over the world and in America with beauty products. Their business idea has helped many women, especially single moms, to receive extra income by acting as independent entrepreneurs, selling for the company. With a strong connection to their Christian values the company focuses on making the world a better place through different CSR activities.

The company is known for their innovative sales solutions and cutting edge digital offers. After spotting the need for better information flow between channels Premier Designs was looking for a Unified Commerce solution to help their entrepreneurs grow their business.

Already using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the obvious choice to create a seamless transition between their physical and digital channels was Avensia Storefront.

We are happy that Premier Designs choose Avensia Storefront for their Unified Commerce offer, it really shows the flexibility of the platform supporting all kinds of business models. It is powerful to see  that Avensia Storefront solves all digital marketing and commerce needs for Premier Designs with one out-of-the-box integrated platform for Dynamics 365" - Says Jörgen Bertilsson - Executive VP Global Business Development