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Seamless unified return process with Storefront 365 R9.0

Sep 16

This version of Storefront 365 allows end-customers to initiate a return order directly from their order history into the D365 return process. This moves administration from staff to end customer, cutting errors caused by manual work and speeding up the process. The customer can also monitor the status of her return orders under the Return Order History view in My Pages. Both online and return orders created in any other channel is visible in the returns history.

Selling, shipping and managing returns - Unified Commerce style 

Multiple reports show that hazzle free returns will increase your conversion rate and increase revenues. The Storefront integration between Episerver and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations now support a seamless return process.

Users of Storefront 365 starter site can initiate a D365 return order process from the Order History page under My pages. The customer selects the articles to return from an existing invoiced order, enters the quantity and the reason codes. The return order is created in D365 awaiting returns of goods for customer service to manage. 

This feature includes both CRT and Retail Server extension but also an X++ extension for Real-time service. The X++ extension is delivered as source code that the partner can modify or extend before deploying to the target environment.