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New release of Storefront Starter Site R9.0 for Dynamics 356

Sep 19

A new release of the Starter site is available. The Starter site is a complete e-commerce site implementing most of the retail features available in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Retail Server. Use the Starter site as a development foundation, as a demo instance and as a fit-and-gap analyse site. The Starter site includes search and relevance from Episerver.

Smoother handling of returns

Selling, shipping and returns management - Unified Commerce style

Multiple reports show that hazzle free returns will increase your conversion
rate and increase revenues. The Storefront integration between Episerver
and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations now support a seamless return process.

Better support for customizable customer attributes

Helping you reach a complete view of your customers - an act on it

With our integration from Dynamics 365 to Episerver we have made it easier
to dress customers with more data and collect and utilize that data in
different channels.

Manage all your microsites in one place

Full support for Dynamics 365 multi online channels

Need to handle several brand pages or separate sites for different markets? We now support multiple online channels to be integrated to different sites in the same Episerver instance.
Instead of editing one web site at the time,
• Each on-line channel can have its separate catalog or share the same catalog.
• The web editor has instant access to all web sites for the online retail channels in one CMS editor

In addition, with this release we support multi online channels out of the box.

More features for improved operational excellence

• Enhancements in the InRiver PMC Connector

In this release we have added features to the full integration for InRiver PMC (Product Information Management) system, one of the highlights is support for multiple channels between Storefront 365 and InRiver PMC.

• Simplified pricing

Serve all channels with the same price logic from one single source of truth. This version supports the use of complex pricing models in all sales channels - managed from one single place.

• Easy upgrades with the Migration framework

By using our Migration Framework we basically make upgrades easier by scripting upgrades. This framework is now generally available for partners to use for adaptations made during the initial project. This will help partners and customer to manage their customer specific adaptations through future upgrades of Dynamics 365 or Episerver.

• Operational control over Retail Server down time

There might be scenarios, either in production or during development and test, where you want to take down the Retail Scale Units and do so in a controlled fashion. This feature prevents repeated unsuccessful calls to Retail Server from crashing the shop, but it will also temporarily remove all Retail Server functionality from the shop.

• Open APIs for the staging database

The integration has been extended with a web application which makes it possible to access the integration stage database from and external third-party endpoint. The web application may be used and extended by a partner for customer specific requirements. It also allows the hosting of the solution to separate the staging database from the access point.