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Avensia Storefront adds starter sites for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

Jun 7

Avensia Storefront is expanding its e-commerce-for-Dynamics offer with full Azure based B2B commerce packages, taking steps towards becoming the industry standard solution for Dynamics B2

By adding support for integrating to the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack it will be possible to attract other industry verticals than just retail. Adding systems such as (but not limited to) Dynamics Sales 365 (formerly known as CRM), Dynamics 365 Customer Service and even more integration points to Dynamics 365 Operations makes for a strong offer, including B2B distribution, wholesale as well as manufacturing. These new possibilities will also strengthen Avensia Storefront’s retail offer even more.

We have seen a great response regarding Avensia Storefront and the possibility of using pre built integration and starter site, adding an enterprise e-commerce and digital marketing tool on top of Dynamics.” – Johan Liljeros, VP Commerce & Product Development at Avensia Storefront


Avensia Storefront Starter Site