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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics AX with Episerver

Avensia Storefront is the ultimate connector between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Episerver, made to join these two forces together and create unified commerce.

A connector between Dynamics AX and Episerver's e-commerce platform

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP system for big players. Within it, you have applications running finances, sales and operations working together with all the familiar Office applications you already know.

Storefront AX joins Dynamics AX to Episerver's comprehensive e-commerce platform and streamlines communication across all systems. With this solution your business will use one single point of truth for all business logic and data. It’s a best-practice move that not only reduces the total cost of system ownership but also equips your retail business with an agile solution set to take on the next paradigm shift in the industry with greater ease than ever.

A fully functional web shop - ready for your business

To give your project a head start, the Storefront AX starter site provides you with a fully functional and customizable web shop that utilizes all retail features available in Microsoft Dynamics AX, including the controls distributed for the complex checkout flow.

Operational excellence from the start

Adapting and employing Microsoft Dynamics AX business logic in communications across all systems, the Storefront AX integration framework allows for seamless import of all product catalog information to Episerver. Information like translations, relations, variants, retail kits and assignments made to groups and agreements is thus made searchable and instantly available for your e-commerce solution.