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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Episerver

Storefront NAV adds high-end digital capabilities on top of Dynamics 365 with LS NAV from LS Retail. With Episerver's platfom on top, we join these leading retail systems together and create true unified commerce.

Joining leading retail systems together.

Microsoft NAV is a customizable ERP solution that helps small to medium-sized companies automatize and connect points such as sales, purchases and stock. LS Nav is the popular all-in-one software solution for retail and hospitality management developed by LS Retail. Storefront NAV connects these systems to Episerver's CMS and e-commerce platform.

By using the same business logic and data in all systems, communication is streamlined in a unified commerce solution that ticks two crucial boxes - operational excellence and outstanding customer experience. The cloud compatible solution allows for automatic scaling and sync between the systems and gives you a full view of your customers. This enables you to create personalized experiences and thereby increase loyalty, conversion rates and sales.

A fully functional webshop - ready for your business

The Storefront NAV comes with a starter site - a fully functional and customizable webshop that utilizes all retail features available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Use the starter site as an accelerator, a development foundation, as a demo instance and as a fit-and-gap analyse site. Enabling you to focus on customer experience from day one, instead of starting the project tackling integration hurdles.

One single point of truth

The Storefront NAV Integration Framework joins retail systems together, making them use one single source of truth as the core of all business logic and data. This unified commerce setup reduces the total cost of ownership, and equips your retail business with an agile solution set to take on the next paradigm shift in the industry, with greater ease than ever.

Adapting and employing Microsoft Dynamics NAV business logic in communications across all systems, the Storefront NAV connector allows for seamless import of all product catalogue information to Episerver as well as access to price, order, customer, and promotions. All this information is thus made searchable and instantly available for your e-commerce solution.